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Shift Talk Season Two

Nurse researcher Jasmine Travers kicks off our season with a discussion of the big issues holding us back from achieving health equity.

Diversity, Disparities, Determinants, Oh My!

Stacy Hutton Johnson shares the world of possibilities that open up when policymakers and providers come together to meet community needs.

Answering a Call to the Moment

Nikki Greenaway, an NP and expert on women’s health, educates us about Black maternal health disparities and how nurses can address them.

Medical MacGyver

Cyrus Batheja’s perspective on breaking down barriers in health care – specifically housing – is grounded in his own lived experience.

Housing as a Determinant of Health

Nurse influencer Pat McMurray says that whoever you are, wherever you work, you have opportunities — both big and small — to advance equity.

Acts of Justice

Whitney Fear shares her experiences as an Indigenous person growing up on a reservation—and her culturally sensitive approach to care.

Next-Generation Nursing

About Season Two

SHIFT Talk is a podcast that brings nurses together to talk about the challenges we’re facing—on and off the clock.

This season, we’re interviewing nurses who are working to ensure all patients can access the resources and care they need to be healthy. In other words, it’s all about health equity.

We’re going beyond the clinical and looking at the social factors that impact health—from a person’s zip code, to their education, to their job. Even structural racism.

No healthcare provider knows more about patients’ lives than nurses, right? We can really make an impact here.