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We experience a lot of emotional distress in our profession–it’s just part of the job. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, post-traumatic stress disorder for nurses was a very real thing. Sadly, the number of nurses with true PTSD just keeps getting higher. It’s critical to know you’re not alone if you’re going through it. Here we’ll share real stories, resources, and strategies for navigating PTSD – inside and outside of work.


As awareness of PTSD grows, so does the prevalence of programs for nurses in need—here’s a look at a model created by a fellow SHIFT Talker.

A Coaching Approach to Treating PTSD in Nurses

5 min read

After co-authoring the report “Post‐Traumatic Stress Disorder in Nurses”, Tricia and Michelle became-sought after experts in pandemic PTSD.

When Something Deeper Is Going On

Season One — Episode 04

It’s past time we talked about it, broke down the stigma and normalized getting help.

Trauma Is Part of Nursing. PTSD Doesn’t Have to Be.

6 min read

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