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Nurse Relationships

Nurses support nurses, right? That’s what we see on TV. But there’s a darker side that’s not always easy to talk about. Bullying between nurses is real. Conflicts with administrators and managers are just part of the gig. And things can get strained with doctors too. Here we’ll look at why these dynamics are happening, how they’re happening, and ways we can stop negative patterns from persisting.


Working with physicians can sometimes be a challenge. What’s behind this dynamic, and how do we get past an ‘‘us versus them’’ mentality?

Getting Past ‘Nurse Versus Doctor’

8 min read

In the season finale, Rebecca Love explains why the pandemic is a critical juncture for nurses and how to “rebrand” our profession.

A Love Letter to Nurses

Season One — Episode 08

Between being a charge nurse and a preceptor, Alison was a pro at training and coaching nurses—that is, until COVID-19 came along.

Pandemic Preceptor

Season One — Episode 06

As they navigate a pandemic, can nurses speak their minds without facing repercussions?

An Era When Nurses Need Advocates: A Q&A with Nurse Attorney Lorie Brown

4 min read

Jackie O’Halloran talks about being thrown into a chaotic ICU setting during COVID-19 and calling out her hospital administrators.

The Floor is on Fire

Season One — Episode 03

Nikki Greenaway, a community-based NP in NOLA, talks about coming up in nursing and the age-old tension between veteran and new nurses.

Be the Change You Want to See, Part 1

Season One — Episode 01

They say nurses eat their young — with a job this tough, why are we adding to the stress and giving each other a hard time?

What’s Really Behind Nurse Bullying?

7 min read

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