When we became nurses, we could never have imagined the world we live in today. Virtually overnight, the hospitals, nursing homes, and so many other places we care for our patients were overwhelmed by this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. From equipment shortages to job insecurities to an almost unbearable toll on human life, nurses continue to be at the forefront during this historical point in time.


In the season finale, Rebecca Love explains why the pandemic is a critical juncture for nurses and how to “rebrand” our profession.

A Love Letter to Nurses

S1 Episode 08

Between being a charge nurse and a preceptor, Alison was a pro at training and coaching nurses—that is, until COVID-19 came along.

Pandemic Preceptor

S1 Episode 06

As they navigate a pandemic, can nurses speak their minds without facing repercussions?

An Era When Nurses Need Advocates: A Q&A with Nurse Attorney Lorie Brown

4 min read

Health inequity can be deadly. Lovoria Williams joins us to talk about medical bias, culturally relevant care and nurses as change-agents.

A Disturbing Narrative

S1 Episode 05

After co-authoring the report “Post‐Traumatic Stress Disorder in Nurses”, Tricia and Michelle became-sought after experts in pandemic PTSD.

When Something Deeper Is Going On

S1 Episode 04

Jackie O’Halloran talks about being thrown into a chaotic ICU setting during COVID-19 and calling out her hospital administrators.

The Floor is on Fire

S1 Episode 03

The pandemic laid bare health care’s racial disparities. Where do we go from here?

It’s Not Just Unfair, It’s Inequitable

8 min read

The New Thing Nurse PPE Care Package Project has sourced thousands of pieces of PPE for frontline nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nurses Protect Nurses, That’s the Deal

5 min read

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