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More patients are embracing alternative therapies–but holistic care might also help nurses cope with the job’s challenges.

Mind, Body, Behavior — What the Rise of Holistic Health Means for Nursing


In the season finale, Rebecca Love explains why the pandemic is a critical juncture for nurses and how to “rebrand” our profession.

A Love Letter to Nurses

S1 Episode 08

After a bout with burnout, this nurse discovered mindfulness, and made it his mission to share the practice with peers.

Seven Minutes to Mindfulness: A Q&A with Nurse John Shepard

5 min read

Lynne Meadows explains that school nursing is so much more than handing out Band-Aids and ice. Plus, she gives us a lesson in leadership.

Know the Way, Show the Way, Go the Way

S1 Episode 07

Between being a charge nurse and a preceptor, Alison was a pro at training and coaching nurses—that is, until COVID-19 came along.

Pandemic Preceptor

S1 Episode 06

As they navigate a pandemic, can nurses speak their minds without facing repercussions?

An Era When Nurses Need Advocates: A Q&A with Nurse Attorney Lorie Brown

4 min read

Health inequity can be deadly. Lovoria Williams joins us to talk about medical bias, culturally relevant care and nurses as change-agents.

A Disturbing Narrative

S1 Episode 05

After co-authoring the report “Post‐Traumatic Stress Disorder in Nurses”, Tricia and Michelle became-sought after experts in pandemic PTSD.

When Something Deeper Is Going On

S1 Episode 04

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