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Nurse Life

We are nurses on and off the clock. It’s just a part of our identity. Between taking care of our patients and taking care of our own families and responsibilities, it can feel like there is no time to take care of ourselves. The only way to deal with this reality is to talk about it. And so this content comes from professionals who have dedicated themselves to helping nurses find balance, as well as nurses who have faced the challenges of being “always on” themselves. Together, we’re going to learn what it takes to leave a little more for number one. To finally catch that break.


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Discounts, Freebies and Specials for Nurses | 2022 Update

2 min read

Ryann M. is a postpartum nurse — on wheels! — from Virginia who is advocating for those with disabilities — in her community and in nursing.

SHIFT Talker Spotlight — Ryann M.

15 min read

Nurse influencer Pat McMurray says that whoever you are, wherever you work, you have opportunities — both big and small — to advance equity.

Acts of Justice

Season Two — Episode 05

Emma C. is a Missouri native and nurse leader advocating for expanded health care for those in need in her community.

SHIFT Talker Spotlight — Emma C.

10 min read

Nikki Greenaway, an NP and expert on women’s health, educates us about Black maternal health disparities and how nurses can address them.

Medical MacGyver

Season Two — Episode 03

Nurse researcher Jasmine Travers kicks off our season with a discussion of the big issues holding us back from achieving health equity.

Diversity, Disparities, Determinants, Oh My!

Season Two — Episode 01

Shon, an oncology nurse from South Carolina who became a travel nurse during COVID-19, shares her passion for community health.

SHIFT Talker Spotlight — Shon G.

10 min read

Irnise W. is a travel nurse turned attorney who is dedicated to helping both nurses and patients understand the legal system.

SHIFT Talker Spotlight — Irnise Williams

10 min read
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