Professional Direction

Dealing with a pandemic has undoubtedly changed the course of our lives. And our plans. Some of us feel more committed than ever and others are considering a completely different professional path. But there’s a whole lot of options in between these two extremes. Here we’ll share how to take a long-term view of your career, how to figure out what’s right for you, and how all nurses can find more ways to contribute to the industry as a whole.


Nurse educator, entrepreneur, and mom Renee Davis shares her first experience with a hackathon and why it was so worth her time.

Hackathons Revisited — From the Perspective of a First-Timer

8 min read

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to join a hackathon–you just have to be passionate about problem-solving.

What the Heck is a Hackathon?


More patients are embracing alternative therapies–but holistic care might also help nurses cope with the job’s challenges.

Mind, Body, Behavior — What the Rise of Holistic Health Means for Nursing


In the season finale, Rebecca Love explains why the pandemic is a critical juncture for nurses and how to “rebrand” our profession.

A Love Letter to Nurses

S1 Episode 08

Lynne Meadows explains that school nursing is so much more than handing out Band-Aids and ice. Plus, she gives us a lesson in leadership.

Know the Way, Show the Way, Go the Way

S1 Episode 07

Between being a charge nurse and a preceptor, Alison was a pro at training and coaching nurses—that is, until COVID-19 came along.

Pandemic Preceptor

S1 Episode 06

Nikki Greenaway, a community-based NP in NOLA, talks about coming up in nursing and the age-old tension between veteran and new nurses.

Be the Change You Want to See, Part 1

S1 Episode 01

COVID-19 has opened our eyes, and a bolder, better future for nurses is what we see.

2020—The Year of Pain and Professional Possibilities

5 min read

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