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As a New Yorker by way of Jamaica, Chad developed a unique perspective on filmmaking informed by growing up in two seemingly opposite places. He’s unafraid to dive into a community’s intricate social and cultural issues – and his work with SHIFT Films is no different.

After receiving a BS in communications from the University of Miami, Chad started his career as a director on several documentaries that explore social justice and cultural issues related to Miami. These issues range from from race-based gentrification to the African American custom of women wearing hats to church services on Sundays, and Miami’s soul music scene in the mid-to-late 1960s.

In 2023, Chad directed “Preemption,” a short documentary that explores the impact of Florida House Bill 1 on citizens, known as an “anti-riot” bill, passed after protests that resulted from the death of George Floyd.

The same tenacity and compassion with which he told the stories of Miami carry over into his work with SHIFT Films uncovering the stories of and solutions to racism in healthcare and nursing. The worldly perspectives that inform his filmmaking and artful storytelling are what attracted SHIFT to Chad when selecting a director. His perspective and methodical work has been an essential part of making a film like this impactful and inspiring.

Chad has been invited to screen his films at SXSW, Aspen Shortsfest, the Miami Film Festival, Maryland Film Festival, Cleveland International Film Festival and Cinequest.

If we focus on storytelling that embraces shared values, highlight stories where people see reflections of themselves and lead with grace, we can build a broader coalition of anti-racist nurses.



SHIFT is a community for nurses to listen, read, laugh, cry, think and talk about big issues — together. We believe in the power of community because we know that you (yes, YOU) can shape the future of nursing. But none of us can do it alone.

We started this community around a podcast. In Season 2 of SHIFT Talk, we turned our focus to health equity. That’s when we discovered Whitney Fear and knew we had to take our storytelling to the next level.

“Who Cares: A Nurse’s Fight for Equity” was our first film. It encouraged and motivated nurses to be advocates for health equity — and see their potential as leaders in the community.

Please let us know if you’d like to become more involved in elevating nurses, together.

SHIFT — and the production of this film — is supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


Supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation  |  A Film by Chad Tingle

Music by Quincy Griffin  |  Edited by Jeff Boyette  |  Director of Photography: John Anderson Beavers  |  Colorist: Oscar Martinez

Executive Producer: Desirée A. Duncan  |  Consulting Producer: Chelsea Rice  |  Creative Director: Bridget Beniest

Producer: Rob Perkins  |  Production Manager: Courtney Trent  |  Project Manager: Kacey Passmore  |  Project Lead: Victoria Davis


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