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“Everybody’s Work” features nurses of color who are disrupting structural racism and driving change in their institutions, in their communities and on the front lines. Share their stories.


“Everybody’s Work” examines the hidden disease plaguing healthcare in the United States: systemic racism. Through the lens of fearless nurses, this documentary not only exposes the biases that result in worse healthcare outcomes for people of color, but it captures the painful impact they have — both on patients and nurses.

A stark reality emerges through their stories: the experiences within healthcare, nursing school, and at the bedside drastically differ for people of color compared to their white counterparts. But because healthcare remains a white-dominated field, those painful experiences largely go unaddressed. This film challenges the notion that if racism isn’t personally experienced, it doesn’t exist. It urges us to confront the reality that it impacts us all.

As the largest and most trusted body of healthcare professionals, nurses are uniquely positioned to lead the charge against systemic racism. Rooted in the foundational values of nursing, they hold the power to dismantle barriers to health equity. But confronting and combating racial bias requires a conscious choice by every individual to change and address systems and behavior. Remaining passive or turning a blind eye only perpetuates a cycle that harms us all.

Discover how nurses who dare to challenge the status quo by fostering a community-driven approach, embracing equity-minded practices, and advocating for inclusive education, are paving the way toward a healthier future for all. This film serves as a rallying cry, reminding us that healing from racism in healthcare is a collective responsibility that transcends individual professions and identities. It’s everybody’s work.

I don’t want to say, being a Black female, that nursing wasn’t supposed to be for me. But I’ve been in spaces where I’ve felt that way.”


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